Prosecuting Wrongful Death Cases in Michigan

We know that this is a stressful time for your family.  At Garrison Law, we take pride in the fact that we limit the number of wrongful death lawsuits we take to maximize the time and attention you deserve during this difficult time. There are certain types of monetary damages you may be entitled to in Michigan. Pursuant to Michigan's Wrongful Death Act, the jury may award damages such as:

  • All reasonable medical, hospital, funeral, and burial expenses for which the estate is liable;
  • All reasonable compensation for the pain and suffering, while conscious, undergone by the deceased during the period intervening between the time of the injury and death; and,
  • All damages for the loss of financial support and the loss of the society and companionship of the deceased.

Additionally, punitive damages, or financial punishment for bad behavior, may be available in Michigan under limited circumstances.  If you have any questions about the applicability of punitive damages, you should contact us today.  While we can't promise to take your suffering away, we can help you find the justice your family deserves after the wrongful death of a family member.

An Overview of Our Practice

An example of some of the cases we have prosecuted include:

  • The wrongful death of a 17 year old girl caused by a drunk driver
  • The preventable suicide of a 15 year old boy at a corporate youth home
  • The wrongful death of an 18 year old girl caused by a reckless tow truck driver
  • The wrongful death of a 2 year old boy caused by babysitter neglect