Pursuing Justice for THE Wrongfully convicted NON-CITIZEN DEFENDANT

The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) may arrest a legal permanent resident for deportation due to the conviction of a felony or misdemeanor offense.  The United States Supreme Court clarified in Padilla v Kentucky that a criminal defense lawyer must advise their non-citizen client that his or her guilty plea carries a risk of deportation.  Despite this common sense rule, many defense lawyers still fail to adequately assess their client’s immigration status, resulting in deportation proceedings.  We assist immigration lawyers and their clients by pursuing powerful post-conviction strategies that may avoid the consequence of deportation.  

If you or a loved one are facing removal as a result of a felony or misdemeanor conviction, and you would like to explore your post-conviction remedies, please contact us today.



Some of the cases we have handled include:

  • Cancelling deportation through a 6.500 Motion
  • Cancelling deportation through a Post-Conviction plea agreement in State court
  • Cancelling deportation through a motion to withdraw guilty plea
  • Cancelling deportation due to a defect in the plea proceedings